Rates & Way of Working

Fluent Works offers a rate per word for translation services. Hourly rates apply to proofreading and copywriting services. However, depending on the material or scope of the project, a fixed price can also be established in agreement with the customer.

Please note that translation agencies are eligible for discount on the prices mentioned below.

Translation Prices
Euro 0.13 per word
Euro 0.20 per word
Euro 0.20 per word
Euro 0.15 per word
Proofreading Prices
Euro 20 per hour
Euro 30 per hour
Copywriting Prices
Euro 25 per hour

After receiving all the necessary information, Fluent Works will provide a cost estimate for the project and send it to the client with the terms & conditions. Fluent Works and the client shall agree together on the deadline. The language services will commence upon signing the cost estimate, in which the client agrees to the cost and the terms & conditions.